Welcome to Go-Sing!  The following information are the requirements for our Showcase:

Singers must have two songs (Pop, Broadway, or Rock) prepared for auditions. Each song
should be cut to be one minute in length. Songs must be saved as .MP3 file. Singers may select one
song of their choice and Go-Talent! will send options for the singer’s second song. Singers should be
prepared to perform the one-minute cut of the song. One CD should contain a 1-minute versions of
each song, music only, no vocals (2 songs per CD), per performer. Performance skills, audition
techniques, vocal abilities, stage presence and commercial appeal are evaluated. 

It is important to let your vocal talent shine during your audition.  Here are some helpful hints for a successful singing audition.

*Select a song that is age appropriate. A child or pre-teen shouldn’t sing about romantic love, divorce, etc. Never use a song with suggestive lyrics.

*Select a song whose lyrics and melody feel real to you. The more emotionally connected you are to the material, the more the judges will be engaged and interested.

*Select a song that fits your vocal range.

*Make the song your own – a key or octave change may be ok, but don’t completely change the melody. This shows your creativity without making the song unrecognizable.

*Practice your stage presence. Make eye contact, move if appropriate. Make it easy for the scout to visualize you on stage.

*Show your skills in the first 60 seconds; anticipate not being able to sing an entire verse. Decisions are often made within the first 30 or even 10 seconds.

*Do not sing over vocals, (meaning making your voice too loud or strained to a note you have difficulty hitting.) The scouts want to hear your voice.

*Dress appropriately for your audition. Consider your age and song content.

*Have your music downloaded onto your phone, and have it queued.

*Show your personality

*Have fun